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We love to see how families use Tubby Todd every day. Follow along with this series, A Day with the Basics! If you use Tubby Todd in your home, be sure to tag @_themamablog and #adaywiththebasics to share! Here's a peek into how Paulina Wise and her kiddos use Tubby Todd in their routine:

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We reached out to Paulina Marks, a mama to two, with one on the way!  Paulina focuses on family, mama life, an faith! Paulina is eight months pregnant, and currently using products from the Tubby Todd Mama Bundle.  Today, she's talking to us about how she uses Tubby Todd throughout her day and with her little ones.



"Using all natural products is a TOP priority in our home! I can’t imagine putting things on my children’s skin that could potentially cause harm. So having Tubby Todd products has been amazing for us, I’m truly thankful! Totally puts my Mama mind at ease!"




Paulina's son has thick coarse hair and her daughter has fine hair but a lot of it. "Using the Hair & Body Wash has worked wonders for each of them. Leaving their hair and skin smooth and soft! Did I mention the smell is amazing as well?"  Paulina bathes her kiddos everyday, and loves that our wash doesn't dry out their hair, or skin!  "It leaves them silky smooth with a beautiful shine to their hair as well!"


"My favorite product is the natural everyday lotion! The scent of lavender/rosemary is so relaxing and not too overwhelming. My daughter loves it so much she is constantly smelling her hands after I apply it, saying “mmmm!” It also makes their skin so silky smooth and soft. I love knowing their skin won’t get dry especially as the winter months are approaching!"


Not many mamas know we have a line of products just for them.  They can be especially useful for mamas who are pregnant and nursing! "Using the natural belly oil has been amazing! It smoothes over my baby bump effortlessly. Leaving my skin moisturized and soft helping avoid stretch marks."  

Our Mama Freshening Spray is perfect for the crazy busy days of motherhood when there isn't always time to shower! We also have a hand cream, just for mamas! "I bring [it] with me everywhere! It’s become a staple in my diaper bag! I feel like I’m constantly washing my hands and the kids hands so I don’t want our skin to dry out! Having the hand cream with us, keeps all our hands nice and moisturized!"


"I would say that I’ve learned to enjoy the little things! Those little moments that happen throughout the day that we (as Mama’s) will miss if we get caught up with the things that don’t actually matter like dishes or laundry piling up! I feel so much better when I take time to BE present with my kiddos rather than tackling a silly to-do list!"

Thank you so much, Paulina, for spending a #daywiththebasics with us!  

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