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We love to see how families use Tubby Todd every day. Follow along with this series, A Day with the Basics! If you use Tubby Todd in your home, be sure to tag @_themamablog and #adaywiththebasics to share! Here's a peek into how Samantha Broderick and her daughters use Tubby Todd in their routine:

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We reached out to Samantha, a mama to two beautiful girls! Samantha's Instagram focuses on mama life, skincare, beauty products, and lifestyle. Today, she's talking to us about how she uses Tubby Todd throughout her day and with her little ones.


Both of Samantha's girls have very fine hair that has a tendency to tangle easily and hang on to oil. "They majorly benefit from daily or every-other-day baths. They need a solid detangler in their hair care collection, along with a wash that cleans and can be rinsed quickly. Our girls may stay in the bath until they prune, but you'd think we were making them eat jalapenos when it comes to washing their hair. (Which by the way, we have never forced nor offered jalapenos.)" Tubby Todd's Hair Bundle is a perfect fix for leaving all hair types soft, shine and tangle free! Samantha also swears by a Wet Brush.  


For my girls, we settled on the "stare at the sun, the moon, and the stars" method. If I can get them to tilt those little noggins back LONG enough to scrub and rinse without water in their eyes, we are GOLDEN. As a kid, my mom and dad used to massage the shampoo around my ears with just their fingertips. Solid distraction to get the job done with a healthy amount of giggles.


Using all-natural products is incredibly important to us. My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma a few months after our oldest was born in 2015. He is thankfully in remission! However, that life-changing event caused us to look harshly at what products we bring into our home. Although we are not perfect, we try our best to be intentional about choosing natural products. Both girls have very sensitive, dry skin. Truly the only thing I swear by is the Dream Cream as their cure-all during the harsh winter months.


Oh man! Don't do this to me! Okay, I have to pick two. No, three. I'll stop at three, but only because you twisted my arm.

Dream Cream (and/or All Over Ointment) - SAVING GRACE. Literally, takes that chapped, cracking winter skin to hydrated and restored baby plump by the morning.

Hair & Body Wash - One stop shop. Washes their hair, bods, spruces up the bath with some bubbles, it checks off all my requirements. And, a little goes a long way. Also, two words LAVENDER & ROSEMARY.

Hair Detangler - No tears, no moms pulling their own hair out. This one is a necessity for their dainty locks.


Patience. Phew, am I still learning this every day. I would say patience is the lesson staring me in the face all day long. But the one that I didn't fully comprehend in those pre-motherhood days, was unconditional love. Almost God-like love that children have for their parents. They look into your eyes with a bottomless pit of love. In their world, you have all the answers and they are your biggest cheerleader, as you are theirs! They forgive so fully, teaching me to do the same. I want to emulate that in every interaction with them. My husband. Strangers passing through the grocery store. And you know sometimes when I'm spent, and those days come more often than I'd like to acknowledge. At those times, usually one, two, shoot maybe even all three of us are crying. But, when I kneel down to their level and open my arms to them and we hug it out, ALL IS RIGHT AGAIN. We are all calm. Frustration-free. Like, a massive reset button has been hit. It is the purest form of grace that I have ever experienced. That may be the biggest thing I've learned. Grace for your children, yourself, others.

Thank you so much, Samantha, for spending a #daywiththebasics with us!

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