Quiet Recharge

Hey mama.  How are you?  No, really, how are you?  Have you taken time to take care of yourself lately?  If not, you really should try to find time every single day to recharge yourself spiritually. Your the best mom, wife, partner, etc., when you're taken care of first. Set a goal to quietly recharge every day for a week for just 10 minutes and then adjust the time as you feel you need it.


Even if you only have a few minutes, you can:
Write in a journal
Meditate formally on a mat
Spend time in prayer
Spend time reading scripture

Here are questions we like to ask ourselves to help keep our mind focused on the good during our time to re energize:

What do you have gratitude for right now?

What goals do you have for your meditation today? (Calmness, strength, love, etc.)

What three questions do you need direction on in your life? (Writing them down prior to your meditation or study is extremely helpful!)


Every time you give yourself ten minutes to productively put your priorities in order, your little ones will benefit. What else do you do to keep your calm during the wild days of caring for little ones? We'd love to hear! 

Sending peace and love you way mama.




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