Day with the Basics: Emily Pickersgill-Brown

We love to see how families use Tubby Todd every day. Follow along this series, A Day with the Basics! If you use Tubby Todd in your home, be sure to tag @_themamablog and #adaywiththebasics to share! Today, we are hearing from Emily Pickersgill-Brown from @Emily.PB.

Emily Pickersgill-Brown    Instagram|Blog


We reached out to Emily, a mama of two, and namesake of her blog, Delta & Forest!  Emily blogs about parenting, home, travel and food!  Today, she's talking to us about how she uses Tubby Todd throughout her day and with her little ones.



"I am always so cautious about what products I put on my children especially on their heads! Using all natural products is SO Important to us!  There are so many open pores and hair folicals for products to absorb into, so searching for something natural is my number one priority."


Emily's daughter has frizzy hair that is tangled 24/7. Occasionally, Emily uses the Detangler Spray on her daughter before bath time, so that it doesn't get so snarly afterwards. "We use it between hair washes too, we always wake up and use the detangling spray to comb her hair in the morning."


"Do I have to choose only one?! Haha! It would definitely be the Conditioner, I have been looking for a good kids conditioner for SO LONG." Delta use to HATE having her hair washed. In the past, we could only wash my daughters hair every 3-4 days." However, since Emily discovered the Tubby Todd Conditioner, "Delta bathes every night and washes her hair every other night without any complaints!"


"My husband has really bad exema and unfortunately passed it down to our children so we are always looking for an all natural lotion to combat it. I actually got my husband using Tubby Todd products, and his eczema is hardly noticeable anymore!"


"I actually love to get in the bath with the kids. Especially while their still little and there’s lots of room. It’s such a nice time to disconnect from the outside world and life and just play and be present in the moment."  

Emily also suggests decorating the bathroom ceiling above the bathtub, "it will make hair washing so much easier when you can distract them to look up while you rinse all the soap out!"


"Motherhood has taught me how incredible our bodies are. We can grow a beautiful person inside of us, and we have the opportunity to raise and guide them however we choose. It’s such an incredible responsibility and definitely one I do not take it for granted."

Thank you so much, Emily, for spending a #daywiththebasics with us!  

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