A Day with the BASICS: The Modern Dad

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We love it when Dads get involved with bath time and caring for their children's delicate skin! And because it's helped his family so much, Jason isn't shy when it comes to professing his love for our Tubby Todd BASICS Bundle. Read on to see how he used Tubby Todd to solve a skin irritation for his son.


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Tubby Todd has made being a father that much better for me. I am able to use their products to become closer to my children than I ever thought possible.

Being a dad, and not being able to have that same connection that my breastfeeding wife has with the kids, I have to do something to better connect with them. Thankfully, Tubby Todd has made this easier for me with their hair and body wash that I use on both my kids. The scent that fills the bathroom when using these brings a smile to all our faces.

After bath time, I have a major routine: dry off, lotion up and cuddle cuddle cuddle. Being in Utah we tend to have the driest skin in the winter months. I usually will lather them up with the dream cream because it traps even more moisture into their delicate skin. I also love it and I use it on my own hands. I love how the Dream Cream has helped with my cracked skin and kept them soft so they’re not scratching my little ones when I pick them up. Seriously, my hands get awfully dry in the winter months and Tubby Todd Dream Cream has been an answer to my prayers.

My son started getting a terribly dry skin condition and I freaked out. I took him to the doctor and he said that it was eczema and prescribed him a lotion to treat the skin. As I would put this lotion on him during our bath time routines he hated it. Kicking and screaming, asking me to get it off because it hurt.

I remembered talking to Andrea and she told me that the All Over Ointment was perfect for diaper rashes or clearing up eczema. I figured it was worth a try. Believe me when I say that I am a freak when it comes to my children’s health and their skin. So I decided to try the All Over Ointment because I trusted Andrea and knew it couldn’t hurt since it contains all natural ingredients.

As I applied the ointment, my son was happy and didn’t complain of a sting, plus the fragrance-free smell was a billion times better than the prescribed lotion. His eczema cleared right up, and he never screamed or fussed when I coated his skin with All Over Ointment. I was grateful to find such a fantastic product.

I am truly grateful for the time I get to spend with my kids, especially that tubby time. I love the bond we get, and who doesn’t love a good old fashioned bubble bath?

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