Day With the Basics: Elaina Young

We love to see how families use Tubby Todd every day. Follow along with this series, A Day with the Basics! If you use Tubby Todd in your home, be sure to tag @_themamablog and #adaywiththebasics to share! Here's a peek into how Elaina Young and her kiddos use Tubby Todd in their routine:

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We reached out to Elaina Young, a student AND a mom to her nine-month-old, Jay, to ask how she uses Tubby Todd in freezing Idaho. Right off the bat, we realized one of the big pulls for Elaina was the ease and effectiveness of Tubby Todd products. Not only do they smell good, they actually work. Especially the Hair & Body Wash: "It is one bottle serving both purposes. As a mom to a wiggly 9-month-old, I can only keep him still so long while trying to wash his body!"



Elaina's son has soft, fine curly hair so she's always looking for "hair products that cleanse but don't weigh down those perfect curls!" And just like all of us moms, Elaina love a wash that does double duty. "I wash his body and hair at the same time. I love having a wash that does both." 


    Another thing Elaina considers is the climate. Depending on where you live, humidity or a dry climate can make a big difference in what your child's hair and skin needs. "Idaho winter is proving challenging for Jay's skin and we are seeing some dry patches present themselves. It is really important for me to use products that moisturize and protect his skin from the cold, wind and eventually snow." And her TT pick to protect against the harsh Idaho winters? "All over Ointment is ESSENTIAL since we live in a cold, windy climate! I love putting it on Jay's cheeks when we play outside as well as when we come back inside to a heater blowing." 



    We know Tubby Todd isn't just for kids so we asked Elaina what her favorite product was: "Dream Cream! Because its moisturizing and the perfect light smell for this mama on the run!"
    Check out Elaina's favorite products below:


    What do you think is the biggest thing you've learned from motherhood so far?
    The biggest thing I've learned would have to be patient and slow down. I am someone who likes routine and doing way too many things at once. Motherhood has taught me that I need to be patient and everything is not on my time. I've also learned the art of slowing down and enjoying the moment. I no longer have the desire to have the house perfectly clean and to sign up for too many things. Relaxing and spending time with those I love, when I can, is important. 

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