2017, The Best Year Yet!

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Hey Mama,

I want to thank you for being a part of this beautiful year with our company. 2017 was a year of growth for us here at Tubby Todd. We more than doubled our employee head count, product offering and our sales. I know... it was incredible. At the beginning of the year, the head Papa and co-founder of Tubby Todd, Brian, was able to join our team full time- a goal we have hoped for since we first had the idea for Tubby Todd, almost five years ago. For the first time ever, we brought on outside investors to help fund the development of new products, and to set up our new office and showroom in Carlsbad, Ca, The Tub Hub! This jump was scary but worth it because of how it helped us, more effectively, get the best products into your hands.

We received thousands of comments, emails, messages and pictures from you in 2017 about how our Tubby Todd products have changed your little ones' skin. Your excitement for every single product we create keeps us motivated- and is pushing us into 2018 to look for better solutions for safe, fun, lifestyle products to help connect families.

In 2017, the Tubby Todd Mama community held playdates and online rituals that thousands of you participated in. You wore your Mama t-shirts with pride, reached out to other Mamas who needed a boost, befriended them and worked together as mamas to navigate this crazy time with little ones together. Watching your support was beautiful! 

As you can tell, things have been moving fast, but not so quickly that we haven't had time to recognize how lucky we are to be making products we truly believe in for customers we love. In 2018 we are launching more products for your little ones! We're adding even more organic ingredients to our products and offering you intuitive, online ordering options for our products; as well as offering shipping for many more countries. We want to make it easier for you to share Tubby Todd with those you love (and thank you for sharing)! Early in 2018 we will be releasing our first Tubby Todd book, The Mama Guide, I can't wait to get one in each of your hands! Our Mama Calendar, book and online content are all created with the intention of helping support you in all you're doing, and helping you care for you, so you can be the best mama to your little ones this next year.

All of this is only possible because of you, Mama, so thank you for being here! Wishing you the happiest of holidays with your families. 


Comments (3)

  • brooke field on December 28, 2017

    I’ve loved watching Tubby Todd grow, and am grateful for all the new, variety of products offered! Your love & enthusiasm for the company is evident! Keep it up!!


  • Rachel Fox on December 28, 2017

    These products are amazing!! You have allowed our family to clear up our skin keep us clean and smell incredible while doing so! Thank you so much!

  • Karla Monzon-Martin on December 28, 2017

    Honestly, thank /you/ and your whole family and team for creating products that really clean our little ones without hurting their skin. My son has mild eczema from time to time but Tubby Todd helps keep it at bay and if it gets stubborn, “dream cream” to the rescue.
    My hubby started using Tubby Todd too after trying it on his neck that has always ALWAYS been itchy and nothing he tried worked but made it worse.
    Tubby Todd has become such a family thing that even my sister asks for “the baby lotion” to use on her skin.
    Thank you thank you thank you!! Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings ❤️
    May Tubby Todd be blessed immensely this coming year and more to come.

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