Introducing, Tubby Todd Bath Bombs


We think you parents are da bomb.

We know the everyday grind of loving and nurturing children. We see you, moms and dads, day in and day out: cooking, cleaning, cleaning up messes. Wiping tears, laughing at yourselves, potty training, reading endless bedtime stories. We created Bath Bombs to help you make every day extra special. We know it's the tiny moments you'll never forget--the first smile, first word, and the first time your child tells you she loves you. Everybody's gotta bathe--why not make it extra fun? Make tubby time a time to be 100% present with your child. It feels so good.

What are they made out of?

Just like all Tubby Todd products, our first three scents of Bath Bombs are all-natural: Cupcake Beach, California Sunset, and Coconut Swirl. Hints of food-grade color safe for your skin, and won’t stain tub grout and bath towels.

Will it get on my towels?

NOPE! We tested it. A lot.

When do I use them?

Everyday. Once a week. Once a month. The first day of school, Last day of school. New Year's, Valentine's Day, Easter, and the Fourth of July. Whenever you feel a tubby party emergency coming on. We'll be surprising you with three new scents every month so get ready for festive, fun, yummy smelling bath bombs 12 months/yr!

Are the Bath Bombs for kids?

YES! These bath bombs are made with premium ingredients so they're safe and fun for kids of all ages. When you see the look on your child's face when you drop this in the tub, you'll know you made the right decision. Party on!

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