Muffin Top Madness— A Style Guide

For most of us, coming to terms with the muffin top takes time. Some MAMAs wage all-out war on the invader, counting crunches and munching kale. But most of us ultimately make peace with our new shape. After all, a muffin top is proof that we did something very hard for someone we love very much. And you can’t hate that. 
Wherever you are in your relationship with your midsection, here are a few style tips to help you make the most of the post-baby shape:
1. Ditch the low-rise jeans — If you tie a belt (or tight waistband) around your hips, something is bound to spill over. Thankfully, higher-waisted bottoms have come back in vogue, and for good reason, they draw attention to the smallest part of your waist.
2. Wear longer tops — If your closet is full of low-waisted bottoms, pair them with longer tops to elongate the midsection and camouflage the tummy.
3. Loose on top, tight on bottom — A looser-fitting blouse atop tight jeans or leggings gives your stomach room to breathe while showing off your legs.
4. Love your new shape — There is nothing more sexy than confidence, no matter how it’s packaged. You don’t have to look like to you did pre-pregnancy to be beautiful. Motherhood is beautiful. So go rock it, Girl. You’ve earned it!
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