Road Trip Must-Haves


  • Color wonder sets for all the fun of markers without the mess.
  • Reusable sticker pads to fuel the imagination without bringing the whole toy chest.
  • Wikki Stix to encourage inventiveness as your little one creates original shapes and creatures.
  • Play and kick car seat toy for rear-facing infants who like interactive play.
  • Chewable Dramamine for windy roads and sensitive tummies. (You may also want to keep zip lock bags handy. If your little one actually does get sick, they provide an excellent smell-proof, spill-proof container.)
  • Tubby Todd Travel Kit to keep little hands clean and bodies comfortable away from home.
  • Small digital thermometer because kids tend to get sick on vacation and it’s nice to be able to quickly and easily detect a fever.

Post a picture in the comments of your clan on vacation. We’d love to share in your adventure. Happy travels!

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