Tubby Time is Family Time

Drop. That. Phone.

1. (Not in the water.) You know what we're going to say. Put your phone on silent and hide under your pillow. Commit to a phone-free 45 minutes and feel the relief of not reacting or anticipating technology. 

Go All In

2. Take a deep breath, smile, feel gratitude for your child, imagine their happy faces in the bath or cozy plump bodies in fresh jammies and get ready to play. It's Tubby Time!!!

Prep for After-Bath 

3. It's cold for those bare bums once they're out of the warm bath. Take precautions by laying out clean play clothes or pajamas, underwear or diaper, Everyday Lotion (or Dream Cream for dry skin) and All Over Ointment, comb, and detangling spray (coming soon from Tubby Todd!). We always keep a pillow and blanket nearby, too.

Bath Toy Novelty

4. Let your child(ren) choose a toy to bring into the bath that they wouldn't normally play with in there. It's a one-time deal so this makes it extra special. Or if your kids are anything like ours, grab a measuring cup, whisk, colander, or cup. Nothing more exciting than kitchen gadgets in the tub. (Green Toys make great bath toys!)

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

5. Water! Fill that tub and let the kid(s) get in. Let them know this is an extra special bath time. Add some bubbles! You can never have too many bubbles. Sweet Quince and Honeysuckle bubbles are safe and non-irritating and smell AMAZING. Remember to add those bubbles straight into the running water for maximum bubble creation.

Be the Fun Parent

6. Play! Play some music. Sing a song together. Teach them a childhood hand game like "Down by the banks" or Miss Merry Mack". Recite nursery rhymes or silly toddler songs. Anything to make them laugh. Make eye contact, touch, and splash. Your child will LOVE it.

There you have it. A solid, fun tubby time is the perfect way to reconnect with our babies and spend quality time together. Now who's ready for a bubble bath?!


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