New Mama Must-Haves

As a new mama, it can be SO overwhelming to decide what you need to care for yourself postpartum. So, we compiled a few of our team's must-haves to support you in the fourth trimester. You’re doing great, mama!

  1. We love this book about fourth trimester nutrition and wellness. (Bonus—be sure to check out our interview with the author, Heng Ou!)
  2. This postpartum/maternity bra gives the girls ultimate comfort and support!
  3. An easy-to-use, super soothing light for those middle of the night feedings.
  4. Give yourself permission to buy some cute transitional clothes instead of stressing about getting back to your pre-pregnancy fits!
  5. Our Mama Gift Set contains three essential products to care for and support your body through every season of motherhood.
  6. Supportive and comfy underwear (but make it cute)
  7. Stock up on a natural deodorant that actually works.
  8. We’re loving these super yummy and better-for-you sweets from Unreal Sweets— the chocolate/coconut combo is to die for 🤤
  9. Give your skin some love with these exfoliation gloves and our super creamy and rich Dream Cream.

    And here’s a quick reminder that you were meant for this and that your little ones are SO lucky to have you.
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