What's the Best Sippy Cup?

Trainer cups – These options help ease the transition to a cup, with easy-grip handles and soft spouts that are comfortable on gums.

Munchkin Miracle 360 ($11 for 2) – The clear winner among the moms in our Tubby Todd Facebook Group, this cup’s unique design means your munchkin can drink from anywhere around the rim and the cup reseals automatically when she’s done. The simple design makes it easy to clean and assemble, and no spout means no worries in the dental or speech department. The only drawback: this cup may drip when thrown. Also available in stainless steel, but without the handles.

Nuk ($7) — This simple little cup is spill-proof. It’s also easy to clean and easy to grip. Handles can be removed once your little one doesn’t need them anymore.

Thermos Foogo ($17) — If you’re leery about plastic, this insulated stainless steel cup is a great option. It keeps drinks cold up to 6 hours and offers interchangeable parts, so it can mature right along with your babe. Simple design makes it easy to assemble and clean.

Straw Cups — Some experts believe straw cups are better for proper speech and dental development, but they can also be harder to keep clean and are more prone to leaks.

ZoLi BOT ($22 for 2) — Straw cups can be confusing for littles because when they’re tipped back in the normal bottle-feeding position, nothing comes out. The ZoLi BOT solves the problem because the flexible straw is weighted, so it moves where the liquid moves. You may want to pick up the ZoLi Bot straw cleaning brush while you’re at it.

Thinkbaby ($8) — We love the easy grip handles on this cup, and the plastic is free of biologically harmful chemicals. However, the multi-piece design makes it a bit harder to keep clean.

CamelBak ($13) — Lots of Tubby Todd mamas go straight to CamelBak straw bottles. Even though they’re recommended for preschoolers, your little one may be able to graduate straight to a cup he can use for years. Some mamas have found their baby beavers bite through the straws over time, so you might want to keep a few replacements handy. 

Which sippy cup do you use? Are you crazy about a cup we didn't mention? Let us know and we'll add it to the list.