3 Things I Wish I'd Taught My Kids When They Were Toddlers


  1. Clear your place. Teach your toddler when he's tiny that clearing his place is part of mealtime. My girlfriend Melanie’s kids take their plate to the sink every time they finish a meal. Mine have to be asked (sometimes more than once!).
  2. Hang your towel. After that scrumptious Tubby bath, once your little one is lotioned up and in cozy PJs, show her where to hang her towel. You may need to help a bit at first, but try to let her do it as much as possible.
  3. Put dirty clothes in the dirty. When your bub is learning to dress and undress himself, it’s a good time to teach him what to do with those clothes he just took off. Throwing them in the hamper (or back in the drawer if they’re still clean) can become a game — the reward for getting himself ready!  

Toddlers are sponges, right? By helping your little one soak up some great habits now, you can keep the nagging to a minimum in later years.

What great habits have you taught your little one? Please share! 

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