Sweet Cheeks Cleared This Babe's Diaper Rash in One Day

Our Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste has quickly become a favorite since it joined the TT family of products at the beginning of the year! With 14% zinc oxide to seal out wetness and lots of soothing, yummy ingredients to nourish skin at the same time, your babe's bum will be as soft as well, a babe's bum! Sweet Cheeks is safe for sensitive skin and the fragrance-free formula helps treat a prevent diaper rash. Read on below to hear from Katie, a real life #tubbytoddmama, about how Sweet Cheeks has helped relieve her little one's rash and taken the stress out of diaper change!

Q: Hi Katie! How long has your little one been struggling with diaper rash?

A: Since the week we brought Charlie home from the hospital. We tried every extra strength diaper cream I could buy from stores. Nothing worked and his rash was getting worse. Diaper changes soon turned into him crying because his little bum was SO irritated.

Q: How did you hear about Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste?

A: My fellow Mom friend, Danielle, recommended Tubby Todd to me during my pregnancy and again once Charlie had arrived! She was singing the AOO’s praises and how it cleared her sons acne and healed his diaper rash. My son has developed some dry skin and so when I was ordering the AOO, I stumbled upon the diaper paste and decided to give it a shot!

Q: Can you tell us about the effects Sweet Cheeks had on your little one’s rash/irritation?

A: It cleared up his stubborn diaper rash in one day. ONE DAY. We saw results immediately after our first use. The redness is now completely gone and diaper changes are now a very easy activity with NO crying involved! He actually smiles and laughs during changes now!

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Q: What is your Sweet Cheeks diaper changing routine?

A: Its very simple and easy! Take off dirty diaper, clean up his bottom with a fragrance-free wipe, then let him air dry. Squeeze a pea sized amount of diaper cream onto your finger or an applicator and smooth it on. It goes on like a thick lotion and spreads really easily. A little goes a long way!

Q: If you could tell your mama friends one thing about Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste what would it be?

A: Stop wasting time with other diaper creams and just buy the Tubby Todd diaper paste. Do it from the beginning so you don’t end up like me: purchasing and trying 5 other brands of diaper paste before finally finding that Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste was everything our little guy needed.

Thanks for sharing, Katie!

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Baby with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste
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