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Look out, Head Mama at WERK! Come along on a little virtual tour of Tubby Todd Head Mama Andrea's brand new office in the renovated Tub Hub (that's our office and retail space in Carlsbad, CA)! For her own personal HQ, Andrea worked with our interior designer Becky of Bex Studios to make sure the atmosphere was calm and beautiful but also functional and fun! Get a little sneak peek at the design process below!

"The entire The Tub Hub space is a clean minimalistic space with pops of fun to keep us inspired."

—Andrea Faulkner Williams

Q: What was your #1 goal for this space?

A: My number #1 goal for this space was to have a place I could come think!!! I’m a little (exceptionally) ADHD and also have four kids at home, so for anything to get done I need a quiet, simple spot to think.

Q: What design inspiration did you draw from?

A: For years I have looked through office tours of other female entrepreneurs and dreamt that one day we would be able to create a space for our team that reflects our brand. I love the bright colors of “Oh Happy Days” office, the comfort of Reese Witherspoon’s space and the clear brand representation of Glossier’s offices. All bright, feminine and fun and all reflective of what they believe as a brand. I’m so inspired by brands that carry their mission throughout their products, team, customer service and even office spaces.

Q: Tell us about the gallery wall!

A: I am so lucky to know so many creative women who have inspired us throughout our journey at Tubby Todd. When we put together the mood board for our office I knew I wanted to have as much female art represented as possible. The gallery wall was the most natural way to assemble the pieces. I have some water colors, illustrations, and even a portrait of our family drawn by my 8 year old daughter.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: If you could describe your Head Mama Office space in 3 words, what would they be?

A: HMMMM I always just want to say good clean fun. But I won’t. What about soft, polished, sweet. But wait these are not words that describe me. And now I’m questioning it all.

Q: How does your office flow with the rest of the Tub Hub design?

A: The entire The Tub Hub space is a clean minimalistic space with pops of fun to keep us inspired. The fun is highlighted through our occasional bright piece of furniture, the light fixtures and pops of color in paint. I feel like my office equally matches this feeling.

Q: If you had to pick your absolute favorite detail of the space what would it be?

A: The pink couch in my office is my favorite piece of furniture. It was the first thing I found for my office and we built the room around it. Because, who doesn’t want to come to work and collaborate on a velvet pink loveseat?! I mean, I’m sure some people don’t want to but I don’t know those people are a fit for the Tubby Todd Team!

*Gallery wall art by: Caitlin Connolly, Beth Allen, Hannah Winters, Eleanor Potter & Becky Simpson

See the full tour of our Tub Hub office space renovation HERE!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
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