Taking Care of Your Skin While Traveling

Due to climate, weather, and altitude changes, it's easy for you and your baby's skin to become irritated while you're traveling. And for those with really sensitive skin, even using the hotel body wash once can cause a breakout — we know from experience. Our travel kit will help you pack lighter, and pack smarter. Today we're sharing our favorite ways to use our Travel Kit while on the go this season: HAIR & BODY WASH • Everyone in the family can use this tiny bottle for their shampoo and body wash! Its formula is concentrated, so a tiny squeeze creates a rich lather that lasts and lasts • Before bed, use it as a face cleanser to wash off your makeup • Tuck it in your bag for washing little hands on the go BUBBLE BATH • After the kids are tucked in bed, draw a nice, warm bubble bath for yourself in the hotel. You deserve it—vacationing with kids is no joke! • Sometimes kids get extra anxious while traveling. Surprise them with a bubble bath to calm the anxiety of being in a new place! EVERYDAY LOTION • Rub it on your face before bed to get some extra moisture while you sleep • Airplanes are very drying and can be harsh on skin, so keep this little TSA-approved lotion bottle handy for an in-flight moisture surge • Both Mom and Dad can use it as an aftershave lotion to prevent dry skin • Use it on your baby's cheeks and chin to keep them soft in a new, unfamiliar climate ALL OVER OINTMENT • Babies can easily get diaper rash from drinking water in a new region — keep a tube of this ointment in your diaper bag for any unexpected irritation • If it's cold and/or snowy where you're traveling, rub this on exposed skin (chins, cheeks, and hands) before going outside to prevent chapped, dry skin • If it's warm where you're headed, rub this on your heels before bed and wake up to smoother, softer sandal-ready feet
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