Four Benefits of Baby Massage Oil

Let's talk about the 4 main benefits of Baby Massage Oil. Infused with calming scents like lavender and rosehip, Baby Massage Oil is the perfect remedy for establishing a unique mama + baby connection.

1. Mama + Baby Bonding

Baby Massage is great for positive bonding between you and your babe at an early age. Spending intimate one on one time with your little one can help you get to know each other better through the communication of touch!

2. Calming Your Babe

Baby Massage is calming on your little one's nervous system and is excellent for colic and sleep. Gentle massaging raises levels of the 'feel-good' hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby, helping you both feel calmer and relaxed.

3. Digestion & Gas Relief

When you target hand strokes to baby’s abdominal area, it will help to stimulate digestion, move the baby’s bowels and help with gas relief. Moving gas and bowls is not necessarily painful for babies, but it is a new sensation that they do not experience in utero, so anything parents can do to help speed up the process will benefit the baby and the parent!

4. Body Awareness

When babies are born, they have no sense of where their body stops and mommy’s body starts. They do not know that they have two hands and two feet. This concept of body awareness is learned over the first few years. Massage helps to bring that awareness. The stimulation to the baby’s body helps them to learn the parameters of their body. It is extra helpful if mommy or daddy say, “this is your leg” while massaging the baby’s leg, etc. The baby will start to associate the language with the body part feeling the sensation.

At Tubby Todd we believe in helping parents connect with their little one. We hope you love our Baby Massage Oil, and would love to hear how you use it in your home!

xx Team Tubby

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