Tips For Teaching Your Toddler To Be A Normal Human


Set boundaries and don’t move them. You are your child’s guide to the real world, and the real world has rules. Don’t steal, wait your turn, ask politely. You may need to calmly repeat or simply explain these rules a few times before your little one is able to internalize them, but eventually she will. Consistency is the key. It’s tempting to bend the rules in the face of a full-blown public tantrum, but that’s exactly the best time to show her tantrums won’t get her anywhere.

Keep calm. Toddlers are relentless when they want something, right? It can make your blood boil. Try to remember that their persistence is part of learning and completely normal. If your son or daughter starts down the emotional spiral, don’t jump in yourself. Take a deep breath. Remain cool … loving, but unphased. If you can, gently remove your screaming morsel to a place where he can calm down on his own. Resist the urge to engage with him until he’s gotten himself under control.

Give praise. Your babe wants to please you. When she does something right, celebrate the success. Let her know you’re proud of how she’s growing up. Your smile and sincere praise can be a great reward for positive behavior.

When it comes to raising toddlers… there’s a reason why they’re so dang cute and funny. In the difficult moments, try to remember this phase won’t last forever.

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