To Work or Not to Work

Ahh, to work or not to a mama in the twenty-first century that is the ultimate question! One marvelous thing about our generation is that women, for the first time in history, are presented with dozens of options for full-time, flextime, part-time, or from-home work. Although we still have far to go, our generation enjoys the greatest opportunities for women, and their families—as we work our way toward gender equality in the workplace and better childcare options. But with innovation and progression also come a new slew of challenges. To me, the challenge for the twenty-first century mom looks like this:

1. Should I be pursuing a career outside of being a mom and a homemaker?

2. How do I implement balance in either situation?

I started my journey as a mom intending to have a large family and not work outside of the home. As our family has evolved, things have changed, and I have found myself in every single working scenario. Since having kids, I have been a: full-time stay-at-home mom; stay-at-home working mom; mom full-time in an office; and now co-parenting, co-officing mom. (I bet you didn’t even know those existed. ME NEITHER.) The point is that your situation will change as your family progresses, but whatever stage you’re in right now, there is something right for you and your work-home-life balance. The goal is to find what that is.

Here is a tip that will help you along the way!

Find a Mentor: Seek out women in a similar situation. Find mentors, or women you admire—they might be women who have chosen to stay home or women who lead companies. Do everything in your power to look outside of your limiting beliefs.

You've got this, Mama.


This is an excerpt from our upcoming book You've Got This, Mama. Take a look at few other activities that will be in the book like: 6 Tips for Postpartum Healing or How to Make Mom Friends. 

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