Treats for Your Sweet: Our Favorite Valentine Gifts for Little Ones

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Celebrating Valentine's can be such a sweet way to connect with your little one and celebrate them with some thoughtful treats! We love gifting something fun to wear (hello super cute swimwear or undies), an old-school activity like special stationery or a Polaroid camera, or a fun skincare staple like Lip Balm or Hair & Body Wash so your little one can learn how fun it is to take care of themselves (self-care, baby!). Ok, there's some candy in there too—JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE. Find out what we're loving this year to treat your sweet below!
  1. Minnow Swimwear — What is it about a cute little swimsuit or pair of trunks that is just so perfect for Valentine's Day?! We love these as a gift—maybe paired with a fun indoor pool day for the fam!
  2. Tubby Todd Sweet Valentine Bundle — Treat your little one to a bubbly, fizzy festive bath with our Strawberry Crème Hair & Body Wash and our special Valentine's Bath Bombs, available in our Sweet Valentine Bundle!
  3. Shop Arq Undies — Ok, these are just plain cute. Pick up a sweet tank top or pair of undies for your little guy or gal so they can wake up on Valentine's and put on something brand spankin' new.
  4. Instax Camera — Your babe will LOVE using this camera to create their very own photos that they can hold in their hands instead of looking at a phone or screen.
  5. Personalized Sweethearts — We tried, but it just wouldn't be Valentine's without some candy, right?! Instead of the standard sugar fix, try personalizing these sweets with your little one's name or your favorite pet name for them!
  6. Special Pens or Pencils — Encourage your sweet's creative side with their own special writing tools that they can use for notes, pictures or whatever they would like!
  7. Fancy Stationery — We love the idea of teaching our little ones about appreciation and gratitude, and what better way to make thank you notes exciting than by gifting them their own fancy stationery.
  8. Lip Balm — As mamas we handle our babe's skincare but as they grow older we love giving them a little more independence while teaching them how important it is to care for yourself! Include a Lip Balm in their Valentine that they'll love to use all on their own!
Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Photos: Lindsey Grace Whiddon
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