A Tubby Guide: Essential products to keep your baby fresh throughout the day

By Koseli Cummings / Flow charts by Jana Laidlaw Cummings

We get asked a lot when and how to use everybody's favorite Tubby Todd products, so we made a handy dandy flow chart for quick reference. Our Basics Bundle has everything you need to keep Baby fresh morning til night.


Bust out Baby Fresh Spray and nip Baby's stinky morning nursery in the bud. Spritz Baby's bum after diaper changes, and then spray the room.Then slather on All Over Ointment on Baby's bum to prevent diaper rash and nourish in dry or irritated skin. It works great on any dry patches or eczema, too!


Dab Dream Cream on mysterious dry spots that pop up, or your own hands. It smells like shea butter and mint and leaves hands super soft and never greasy. 

Tubby Todd in the eveningEvening

You've got to do bathtime, why not make it fun? Grab a bottle of our best-selling all natural bubble bath (gentle enough for newborns), some Lavender and Rosemary Hair and Body Wash, and you're good to go! You don't need to worry about icky chemicals or additives--we're good, clean fun! Tubby Todd stands 100% behind every ingredient in our products. And if you want to make bathtime extra special, surprise the kiddos with a fizzy bath bomb

How do you use your favorite Tubby Todd products throughout the day? We love hearing the unique ways TT has helped your family's skin issues AND helped your family grow closer together. Leave a comment below, email us at info@tubbytodd.com, or tag us on Instagram at @tubbytodd #tubbytoddtestimonial.


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