Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Make your little one's Valentine's Day full of surprises with things both of you will love to have around after the holiday is over:

Be Mine Valentine Bundle

The Tubby Todd Valentine's Bundle is perfect for restocking your bath time goodies but with a festive twist. Share the love by using our Rad & Happy Hair & Body Wash and Valentine's Bath Bombs in the tub to make the water bubbly and colorful.

Plantable Hearts

These adorable pink, red, and white paper hearts are embedded with the seeds of wildflower annuals and perennials. The handmade paper made of natural, biodegradable fibers will recycle into the soil as the seeds burst into flowers.

Candy Sugar Lips

Our goal for every holiday: keep the sugar to a minimum. These delicious candied sugar lips by Sugarfina are the perfect tiny sweet treat to add to your little ones Valentine.

A Toy for All Ages

This Bannor Toys Wooden Teether is perfect for little ones' first V-day.

Pink Striped Swimsuit

This Pink Striped One Piece by Minnow is perfect for getting your swimming babes excited for the Spring and Summer months.

Something to brighten up the room

This Ouef Rainbow pillow is the perfect touch for rooms of all sizes and a sweet way to say I love you all year long.

Holidays with little ones are the best when you can find a way to celebrate, show them love and make it something you both enjoy. Do you have Valentine's Day traditions with your little ones? Share below!

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