What to Put in a NICU Care Package

It’s difficult to know how to help a friend who has a baby in the NICU. One simple, thoughtful idea is to make her a Tubby Todd NICU Care Package!

Here’s what we’d include from the Tubby Todd lineup:

  • All Over Ointment — our best selling product is perfect for sensitive skin on tiny babies. Use it to moisturize that new skin (that can tend to be dry and flakey), and on any spots where medical tape has left rough patches.

  • MAMA Freshening Spray — when showers are few and far between, she can spritz this from head to toe to freshen and deodorize.

  • MAMA Nursing Salve — help her soothe soreness and prevent cracked nipples with a high-quality, natural salve that is completely safe for her baby.

Add some preemie clothes (these preemie gowns are the sweetest!), a bar of good-quality dark chocolate (Trader Joe's bars are always a winner), and an Amazon gift card so she can buy a new book to read on her kindle. If you’re mailing your Tubby Todd goods directly to your friend, be sure to leave her an uplifting message in the notes at checkout—she’ll see it right on the packing slip.

*Every Tubby Todd product is formulated to be extra gentle on sensitive skin, and can be safely used on even the tiniest little ones. But it’s still a great idea to check with your baby’s doctor or nurse first, before applying, just to be sure.

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