Why You Should Consider Switching to Natural Skincare Products

How many skin care products do we use on our little ones? While that number might be less, your baby’s skin is still aware of everything you put on it. While other countries like the UK have banned over 1,400 chemicals found in skincare products, the US has only banned 12! That number shocked us. So if you’ve ever experienced a mysterious rash, tiny red bumps, or irritation on your little one’s skin, chances are it’s because of harmful ingredients in the skin products you’re using.

At Tubby Todd, we believe that natural skin care shouldn’t be hard. From our body soap to our lotions to our brand-new bath bombs, we make sure every product is gentle enough for any age — you can use it, and so can your newborn! You can feel totally safe using our MAMA Hand Cream on your newborn’s dry toes, and our All Over Ointment for soothing dry skin. When the ingredients are clean and gentle, one Tubby bundle is everything your entire family needs for fun, effective skin care!

It can be overwhelming to switch to natural products but rest assured...you don’t have to do it all at once. Dip your toes in the water—read why we chose our ingredients, and maybe start out with our smaller travel kit. Be sure to sign up for our email list for a coupon code to use on your first purchase! And always, always ask questions — we’d love to help! (Really, don’t be afraid to email us. We’d love to chat! info@tubbytodd.com)

What are your favorite all-natural beauty brands out there? What other kinds of lotions, washes, make-up, sunscreen, scents, and hair products do you use on your family? We'd love to hear!