Surprising Uses for All Over Ointment


  1. Healthcare — Doctors and nurses wash their hands 20-30x a day (yikes!), and find that the All Over Ointment is a great balm to soothe their dry skin at the end of a shift. Gift it to a nurse—she’ll thank you!

  2. Dads — Many husbands won’t go near lotions because they’re fragranced. The All Over Ointment wins them over because it’s fragrance-free, and many dads love to use it after working in the yard, around the house, or after tackling the dishes.

  3. Moms — Many mamas rub it on their heels at bedtime, put on socks, and wake up to smoother, softer summertime feet. (See a more detailed tutorial about that here.)

  4. NICU babies — Feeding tubes and monitors leave sticky residue on tiny babies in the NICU. Many parents tell us they love using the All Over Ointment on their preemie’s skin to soothe rashes and irritation.

You can get your own tub of All Over Ointment here. Have your own unique use for our All Over Ointment? Email us at—we’d love to hear it!

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