Andrea's Essentials for Nursing

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
If I'm prepared (and take care of myself!) when I'm nursing, I always enjoy it more. Here are eight of my favorite essentials I've used while nursing this time around:
  1. Organic Nipple Balm — This Organic Balm will help bring you a little comfort during that difficult transition into nursing—seriously, this stuff is any breastfeeding mama's BFF!
  2. Blanqi Nursing Tank Top — These nursing tank tops are super comfy and give babe easy access whether you're out and about or lounging at home.
  3. Tubby Todd 100% Muslin Wash Cloths — Ok, these wash cloths are a MUST for any mama. You will never stop finding ways to use them but they're great to have as a burp cloth during nursing!
  4. Ingrid & Isabel Magnetic Sweater and Third Love Nursing Bra — I'll be honest, when I first saw this I thought it was a little silly! I didn't think I needed a magnet closure but after using this cozy wrap I am officially SOLD!
  5. Skyr Icelandic Yogurt — I tried this yummy yogurt during our anniversary trip to Iceland and I haven't stopped craving it since! The perfect snack for a nursing mama.
  6. Willow Pump — This thing will change your life and make pumping so much easier.
  7. MegaFood Baby & Me Vitamins — It's so important to keep ourselves nourished as we feed our little ones. I add these vitamins to my diet to make sure I'm not missing important nutrients.
  8. Doen Peasant Tops — These breezy tops are so functional for nursing on-the-go, and bonus: they're super cute and make you feel pulled together in literally any outfit!
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