#tubbytoddfavorites — Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower gifts
With Spring approaching it feels like bellies are growing and the baby shower invitations are starting to come in the mail. Above are a few of my favorite baby shower gifts to surprise a new mom with. 
Tubby Todd Gift Set- Our 100% natural bubble bath, lotion and bath wash will be perfect for an expecting mom who is worried about only using the most gentle ingredients on her little one.
The Little Tiny Mobiles- These are the original triangle leather mobile, created by Alison Faulkner of @thealisonshow. She has so many great color waves that make every nursery unique. 
Solly Baby Wrap- Not only will a wrap help new mamas bond with their little ones, but they come in a beautiful letter pressed box that is ready to be gifted to any new mom. 
Jelly Cat Stuffed Animals- Beyond soft, these have been my kids favorite toys to hold onto, and my favorite thing to have to display in their room.  
What are your favorite gifts for new moms? I'd love to hear! 
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