2021 Label Design Contest Winner

2021 Label Design Contest Winner Nora H.
"...because aliens are stinky and need baths, too." —Nora
This year we held our third annual Label Design Contest! The theme this year was "Outta this world." We asked our Tubby Todd families and followers to have their little ones draw, paint or color their most imaginative outer space bathtime scene, give their piece a title and send it on in. We received so many creative and colorful submissions from some truly artistic kiddos—it was definitely a tough job to choose our winners! The winning label that we selected after very serious deliberation is titled “Alien Approved,” designed by Nora H.! We loved the imagination and creativity of her design, and we especially loved this extra enthusiastic alien who wants some TT for themselves! Read a little about Nora’s inspiration and creative process below, and don't miss out on grabbing one of her limited edition Hair + Body Wash bottles for your own kiddos to enjoy!
Q: How old are you? A: I just turned 10 two days ago!
Q: How did you decide to feature a Tubby Todd rocket delivery on your label design? A: I just thought the Rocket Delivery would be cute because the astronaut would need more bath products for her shower.
Q: Does the astronaut in your picture have a name? A: (giggled) Ummm... Astro Aud, short for Astronaut Audrey. (She also later said she liked "Astro Aud" because it rhymes with Tubby Todd!)
Q: What do you like most about drawing and coloring? A: I like seeing the ideas for art, from inside my head, on paper, so that other people can see it, too.
Q: What's your favorite thing about bathtime? A: Getting clean and being fresh!
Q: What's your favorite color? A: Umm, pink, blue and purple.
Q: What is your favorite part of the label that you designed? A: The alien taking all of the bath items the astronaut was supposed to get from the Rocket Delivery, because aliens are stinky and need baths, too. (Giggling again!)
2021 Limited edition Label Contest Winner bottle

As the grand prize winner of our Label Design Contest, Nora received a year’s supply of Tubby Todd and her design is currently featured on a limited edition bottle of our Lavender and Rosemary Hair + Body Wash! Grab yours here to add it to your Tubby Todd collection before it’s gone! We also chose 4 runners up who each received $100 in Tubby Todd credit, check out their adorable entries below! 2021 Label Contest Runners Up
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