3 Tips for Caring for Dry Skin in the Winter

Just because it’s frigid out, doesn’t mean your skin has to chap, peel, chafe, or rash. Let’s fight winter skin together this year! We've invited a few trusted mama bloggers and Instagrammers from around the country to share their tips and tricks for preventing and healing itchy, dry skin. They tell us what they do in their home to keep that winter skin at bay. Let's jump in! 

First, we asked Miranda Andersen, mother of three and DIY genius @livefreemiranda, about her winter skin care routine down in Texas:

On the colder winter days we warm up by taking bubble baths, sometimes in the middle of the day. Following up with our favorite Tubby Todd coconut and shea butter lotion seals in the moisture from the bath and keeps our skin soft and smelling delicious. I also keep some dream cream on hand in the car for quick relief of dry, winter driving hands.

Want another sweet trick for tackling dry skin no matter where you live? Layers! Shay of @theprinceandthep shares:

"With winter weather comes dry, itchy skin so it's imperative that we intensely moisturize our skin to combat the dry air and and harsh wind. A little trick I used to combat against the cold is layering on products! It makes such a big difference. After bath, I like to use the Natural Lotion on the kiddos and then follow it up with a layer of Dream Cream. The combination is light on their skin and still feels moisturized when they wake up in the morning -- I love it!"

Brooke Field, who lives in Alaska with her family, really tells us how it is: 

I've been using Tubby Todd products exclusively on my littles ever since I first heard about them two years ago. Even during the driest winter months, both my toddler & baby's skin stays soft & smooth all season long. When their cheeks show signs of long days playing outside in the snow or exposure to chilly winds, I remedy it with a warm bath and follow up with our favorite moisturizer. The lavender Wash and Everyday Lotion relaxes & calms their irritated skin. And as part of our bedtime routine, I apply a thin layer of All Over Ointment to any red or dry patches needing a little extra love. I'm still amazed (and jealous!) every morning when they wake up with flawless skin!

Thanks so much for sharing your family's winter skin tips, Miranda, Shay, and Brooke! And what about you? What are your tried and true strategies for keeping skin soft and supple during the winter months? Share your ideas for how you use Tubby Todd products during the winter on Instagram or our very special Tubby Todd Mamas Facebook group. We love hearing from you! You can also join other mamas and sign up for our weekly email where you'll receive more tips and tricks, exclusive deals, and good, clean Tubby Todd fun. Sign up here.

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