4 Steps for Treating Cradle Cap

Mamas swear by our All Over Ointment because it's FANTASTIC natural way to treat cradle cap. Plus it's so versatile it can also help clear eczema and diaper rash, and heal dry, cracked skin.
With the help of Baby James, we've outlined four easy steps to clear your baby's cradle cap with our All Over Ointment:

No 1 · Get ready for a bath! We always recommend starting with our signature Hair & Body Wash. It's a best-seller for a reason — it's completely natural, won't dry out skin, and lathers quickly. Using just a dime-sized drop, lather your baby up with our wash, paying extra attention to the cradle cap spots on their scalp. Don't be afraid to scrub a little bit with your fingers — the goal here is to soften and release the flakes.

No. 2 · After bath, dry your baby off and gently brush his head with a soft-bristled baby brush. We used this baby brush, but we also love the yellow sponge-brush combo ones from the hospital! The bristles seem to have just the right amount of give. Focus your attention on brushing out the little flakes we've loosened from the scalp.

No 3 · Just before bed, smear a good bit of our All Over Ointment on your baby's head where he has cradle cap. Our Ointment is a little sticky (but not greasy) so it's best to save this step for bedtime and let it work its magic overnight. You're looking for a medium-thick layer here — you won't have to rub it in all the way, but smooth it in just enough so it won't rub off everywhere. And great news — it's safe for fabrics, so any residue you do get on linens or sheets will wash out in the laundry!

No. 4 · If needed, bathe your babe again in the morning to scrub off any residue from the ointment. Most of the ointment may be gone, but it's always nice to give your baby's head one more look over to see any spots you may have missed.

Repeat this process as needed. (For many babies, cradle cap is instantly cleared overnight, but for others with more stubborn cradle cap it might take a few more days.)
Enjoy your happy, kissable little one!