4 Steps for Babies with Cradle Cap

We always recommend starting with our signature Lavender and Rosemary Hair & Body Wash. It's a best-seller for a reason—it's natural, won't dry out skin, and lathers quickly. Using just a dime-sized drop, lather your baby up with our wash, paying extra attention to the dry skin spots on their scalp. Don't be afraid to scrub a little bit with your fingers—the goal here is to soften and release the flakes.

After bathtime, dry your baby off and gently brush his head with a soft-bristled baby brush. We used this baby brush, but we also love the yellow sponge-brush combo ones from the hospital! The bristles seem to have just the right amount of give. Focus your attention on brushing out the little flakes we've loosened from the scalp.

Just before bed, smear a good bit of our All Over Ointment on your baby's head where he has dry skin. Don't worry if it gets on Baby's hair! Our Ointment is thick (but not greasy) so it's best to save this step for bedtime and let it work its magic overnight. You're looking for a medium-thick layer here—you won't have to rub it in all the way, but smooth it in just enough so it won't rub off everywhere. And great news—it's safe for fabrics, so any residue you do get on linens or sheets will wash out in the laundry!

If needed, bathe your babe again in the morning to scrub off any residue from the ointment. Most of the ointment may be gone, but it's always nice to give your baby's head one more look over to see any spots you may have missed.

For most babies, the dry flakey scalp is cleared overnight after one treatment but for others with more stubborn skin issues it might take a few more days. You can also do this on a toddler or big kid!
Have you removed your kid's dry flakey skin with All Over Ointment? How'd it go? Let us know in the comments.


I use the all over ointment as shampoo/deep conditioner. I rub into my kids hair (1 and 3) during bath with a little water, let it sit while they play, comb/brush hair, and rinse. It leaves their hair soft and their scalps flake free. It’s amazing!


We love Tubby Todd! Just used the AllOver Ointemnt…one application and cradle cap was gone. Amazing stuff!!


For those who are asking about toddlers who get cradle cap again, my three year old gets it sometimes, too. I notice it seems to happen when he bathes at grandparent houses with cheaper baby shampoos, he always comes home with it. I follow the same process, but instead of that soft brush, I just use a fine-toothed comb while his hair is wet and gently comb out what I can. I follow with the all over ointment, just moving the hair around in small sections so I can get the ointment on the effected area of the scalp. I have had no problems with his hair being greasy the next morning, and usually one application takes care of it. If not, I repeat at the next bathtime.


I’m with the last couple commenters. My 3,5yr old has gotten it back with a raging case of cradle cap! Wondering how this has worked for others now that baby has a full head of hair? Took me almost two years from birth to get rid of it before.


Only took on treatment with all over ointment to clear cradle cap on my 3 week old


I started to see a little bit of a cradle cap on my 2 mo old the day before I received my first order of Tubby Todd. When I received it, I gave him a bath just with the hair and body wash and next day it was gone! Like magic! Thank you Tubby Todd ❤️


My baby has cradle cap on her eyelids. Any recommendations for clearing that up?


My 2 1/2 year old daughter has had cradle cap for a long time. Her Dr. recommended shampooing with head and shoulders twice a week. It didn’t do anything! I felt lost and had no idea what to do! I then found this wonderful post! I purchased the shampoo and all over ointment! I washed her hair and applied the ointment overnight. I shampooed her hair in the morning, and the cradle cap was completely gone! It’s a miracle! :) Thank you thank you Tubby Todd!!!! We love you!!!!!! Xoxoxo


I’m curious too. My little man is almost 2 and I can see cradle cap still in his hair…Just wondering how this would work with him having more hair now…anyone used it with their little people once they’ve got a head of hair…wondering if it leaves it greasy…really don’t have time in the morning to wash his hair.


Would this work for toddlet cradle cap as well? My 2 1/2 year old has a lot of hair, and has cradle cap pretty bad. It seems to come and go and we’ve tried everything it seems! Thanks.