5 Date Ideas for New Parents

1. Visit an art museum — Up to your elbows in diaper cream? Peruse an art museum hand-in-hand and remember what it’s like to feel classy again. Chat about the art over coffee or hot cocoa afterward. Leave your cherub at home or bring him along in the baby carrier.

2. Go for a hike — Nature can be good for your soul…and your relationship. Find a short hike nearby and take in the scenery as you reconnect with each other. Your babe will likely fall asleep on the journey, so bring him along if you’d rather not get a sitter.

3. Have dinner and a massage — No need to leave home to make date night happen. As your little one drifts off to dream, order your favorite dinner (or bake up some frozen pizzas) and light a few candles. Have a laugh as you swap stories about the best and worst moments of the last few months. After dinner, turn on a movie and massage each other’s feet.

4. Do breakfast out — Does just thinking of date night make you feel tired? A breakfast or lunch date may be a better option. Leave your baby with a trusted friend or family member and reconnect over bacon and eggs. If you decide you’d rather take your little one with you, schedule your date during nap time so you won’t be distracted.

5. Get a room — If you’re comfortable leaving your babe for a quick overnight, do it! With a little searching, you can find a good deal on a hotel room in your own city. (Try Hotel Tonight.)The time away will help you catch up with each other and get a night of uninterrupted sleep — double good!

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