5 FAQs about our Mineral Mist Spray Sunscreen

 Mineral mist is being sprayed on child's back

ICYMI— we just launched a BRAND NEW non-aerosol SPF 50 spray sunscreen! 

We wanted to create a sunscreen that’s gentle enough for protecting sensitive skin, easy to apply (hello, squirmy toddlers), AND that’s made with mineral ingredients that are kind to our oceans… And so Mineral Mist was born!

We know our TT fams probably have some hot Qs about this new product, so read on for alllll the deets on this super fun new summertime sidekick. 

Q: Waittttt… Hold up! What does it mean that Mineral Mist is in a non-aerosol can? What is a continuous spray?
A: MM uses pressurized air instead of propellant chemicals to achieve that extra fine mist application. Traditional spray sunscreens rely on propellant gasses like aerosol to dispense the formula from the packaging. Mineral Mist’s innovative “bag on valve” packaging means that the actual sunscreen is stored in an airless bag surrounded by pressurized air that pushes the product out the dispenser when the applicator button is pressed.

This specific packaging is extra hygienic, offers an even mist/spray for easy application AND ensures you get to use every last drop of sunscreen!

Q: What is Mineral Mist made of? And why does it contain Titanium Dioxide?
A: Mineral Mist is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, two minerals that sit on top of the skin's surface and create a protective barrier over the skin.

Zinc Oxide as a raw ingredient is a larger molecule than Titanium Dioxide, and thus more difficult to propel. Supplementing Zinc Oxide with Titanium Dioxide allows the formula to disperse more evenly from the can without risk of clogging, which would occur if we used just Zinc Oxide by itself. Both Zinc and Titanium Oxide in this formula are non-nano.

Q: How should I store Mineral Mist?
A: Even though Mineral Mist does not contain any aerosols, the air is still pressurized within the can and should be protected from excessive heat, direct sunlight, and should not be stored in a place where it can be punctured or incinerated.

Q: How old should my kiddos be to use Mineral Mist?
A: MM is great for sunshine lovin' kiddos, toddlers and babes of all ages (for little ones under 6 months consult your physician)!

Q: Is Mineral Mist water resistant?
A: Yes! Mineral Mist is formulated to give your little ones up to 80 minutes of swim/splash/cannonball fun in the sun! 
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