A Day With the Basics Surf Edition — Jen Rodgers

This summer we launched our Tubby Surf Collection filled with fruity scents, and fun in the sun! We asked some beachy families to document their summer experiences with Tubby Surf, and so far, it looks like a blast! Today, we are hearing from Jen Rodgers and her adorable family about her day to day and summer time plans. Follow her on Instagram to see how she uses Tubby Todd this summer!

Q: Hi Jen! Happy summer! Give us a little introduction on yourself! What's your story? Tell us about a day in the life of Jen Rogers during these beautiful summer months. Where are you located? What is your daily summer routine?

A: Hi! Happy Summer to you too! Summer is truly truly my favorite time of the year. There is just something about all the BBQs and the long nights the fireflies and popsicles and summer dresses and just everyone outside that has always placed it as my most looked forward to season of the year. So obviously my name is Jen and I am Mom to three little ones Kael ( 7 ) Pippa ( 5 ) and Selah 2 with a side passion for all things design - fashion, interior, graphic all of it. I am just naturally drawn to things that are visually pleasing. I am originally from Philadelphia PA but since Ive have been married we have been bouncing around a lot for my Husbands job. Me and my Husband grew up together in a town outside of Philadelphia ( Doylestown PA ) so we go WAY BACK. We now after living for three years in Shanghai, China live in Houston, Texas. We are STILL after almost a year trying to learn to live back in the USA again which I can't tell you how strange that feels. SO this is our first full summer back in the USA and we are truly feeling like fish out of water. On a typical day we wake up around 6 and start with breakfast and watch some cartoons and chill out before carting Kael our oldest off to some camp. He is in it all this year truly golf, tennis, soccer, the YMCA, you name it. It feels so wonderful to actually have so many options at our finger tips after many summers of not much to pick from. After camp since it is usually too hot to do anything else so we jump in our pool and try to stay as cool as possible. If its rainy we like going to trampoline parks and also LOVE visiting our local library. Usually after all that my Husband is almost home I am exhausted so are the kids we eat dinner go to bed and start the day all over again.

Q: Okay can we just talk about your family for a second? SO CUTE! Your two daughters and son are everything. Give us a little introduction and tell us about their big personalities!

A: Thank you!! SO Kael Pippa and Selah all so lovable but all oh so different. I love it! I encourage and embrace all their differences. I am a big believer in letting your children be exactly who they want to be. Kael our oldest is more on the shy side until he gets to know you and takes a little longer to warm up. He loves sports and you can always find him with a ball in his hands these days. He is thoughtful and cautious and has the sweetest softest heart. Pippa is our middle and she is our fireball she knows what she wants and isnt afraid to tell you. She is bubbly chatty and over flowing with energy. She warms her way into anyones heart in the matter of seconds. Selah our youngest is our chatty Kathy at the age of 2 she can keep a running conversation with any adult along with follow up questions. She loves to dance is very " girly " and thinks the moon rises and falls on her older siblings. She is the first to give a kiss and hug and always greets people with a big smile. As for both girls Barbies are LIFE right now. 

Q: Any travel plans this summer? Tell us about them! If not, what do you like to do locally?
A: We are traveling this summer! I will be fully honest our last trip in Asia was to Japan which we loved but wow the kids were at difficult ages. At this point we knew we were about to come back to the US I had Selah strapped to my front in a carrier Pippa in a umbrella stroller we HAD to buy ( according to her ) because she was exhausted and Kael crying because he didn't have a seat and we looked at each other across a slammed packed train and said it is time to go home. They are just at tough ages for travel right now so we are kinda doing it more low key for a while. BUT we are headed to Hilton Head South Carolina with my family in August. Each year my Dad likes to get all of us together and spend a week relaxing at the beach and enjoying each others company. We recently went to Seaside Florida and I was shocked. I attended the University of Florida (side note : Go Gators ) and never realized how utterly gorgeous the beaches on the pan handle of Florida are. 

Q: Let's talk about Tubby Surf. What do you think of the products? Do you have a favorite?

A: So I have been using Tubby Todd for a WHILE we actually would bring it back every summer after we visited the US! I ESPECIALLY love your bath bombs we did the ones for Christmas and Halloween and the kids LOVED them. One things about being in China you never really knew what was going into their products over there. FORGET just the products you never really knew what was going into the food. We couldn't even use the tap water to brush our teeth. SO with that being said it was so nice to know that the soap and lotions we were putting on our children was safe. It was the little bit I could do in a situation when a lot was out of my control. I have to also say I am such a sucker for cute marketing and packaging and you guys always always nail it right on the head. 

Q: What do you and your kiddos do to make bath time fun and exciting?

A: I always have to run to our bathroom when guest come and pull out the 20 barbies and action figures that reside in the tub. The kids love to throw toys in the bath and they can truly sit in their for hours making up new story lines with their toys every once and a while asking me to fill the tub up a little more with hot water. They are HUGE suckers for bath bombs so yours were right up our alley a total crowd pleaser. Each night I have to beg them to get out and when they do they are hysterical with laughter at how wrinkly their fingers and toes are. Kael is starting to get a little big for the tub and honestly I barely have the heart to tell him. Me and my husband joke it is like in Peter Pan when Wendy isn't allowed to sleep in the nursery anymore.

Q: Lastly, what's your dream summer vacation? Anything in the WORLD!

A: My Dream summer vacation would probably be a trip to the south of France. I have been to many cities in Europe but not to any of its beaches and I am so curious I want to see what its like. We have fully caught the travel bug after living in Asia and now I am just so interested in other cultures and their way of living relaxing their food EVERYTHING! 
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