Andrea's Must-haves for New Moms

Tubby Todd Mama BlogMaybe you just had a baby (or are about to) and you're wading through all the advice from friends, family and mom groups on all the products you're going to want to stock up on for your new babe. There's so much out there so I wanted to pull together some of my favorites if you're needing somewhere to start. You've got this, Mama!
  1. Bitty Kids Bag — This bag is straight out of Mary Poppins. It's small and compact but fits ALL those new mama essentials that you want to have on-hand while you're out and about!
  2. Happiest Baby SNOO Sleep Sack — This swaddle keeps baby comfy while they sleep. Great if you're using the SNOO but also on its own!
  3. Tubby Todd 100% Muslin Wash Cloths, Dream Cream and Nipple Balm — Ok, these wash cloths are a MUST for any mama. You will never stop finding ways to use them. You'll also want to stock up on Dream Cream to take care of any dry skin from being in the hospital/hand washing/etc., and Nipple Balm to ease those first few weeks of nursing!
  4. Saranoni Blanket — Oh my gosh the softest, fuzziest, cuddliest blankets for your little ones!
  5. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller— Yeah mama, get out there on the go with your new babe! It can be a little stressful leaving the house for the first time with your brand new little one but not to worry, they'll be comfy and cozy!
  6. Clek Liing Carseat — Choosing a carseat can feel so overwhelming! There are tons of options and of course when it involves your baby's safety every decision becomes a million times more difficult. We love our Clek carseat because it's so easy to use!
  7. Leesa Hybrid Matress — Ah yes, the ever-elusive "good night's sleep." Every new mama knows that ANY way you can catch a few extra "z's" is a must and after baby number four I made sleep a major priority and replaced our mattress with the Leesa Hybrid. Best decision ever.
  8. Solly Wrap — Even though it's the absolute best to meet your baby and be able to hold them in your arms, it's nice to feel that closeness that you felt when you were carrying them by snuggling them up in a Solly wrap right against your chest.
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