5 Tips for Keeping Skin Smooth this Winter

Winter is coming and that means dry skin! We know just how rough cold weather can be, especially on little ones who are prone to sensitivities. Here are a few of our favorite tricks for keeping little ones smooth and soft throughout the entire year.

1. Layer products

We recommend layering multiple moisturizers throughout the day to create hydration levels and moisture barriers on the skin. Our favorite is to apply the Dream Cream followed by the All Over Ointment. We slather babies up in Dream Cream the first few minutes after bathtime while their skin is moist. We then seal in moisture by putting on a layer of All Over Ointment.

2. Moisturize throughout the day

During the rest of the year it may be sufficient to moisturize your little one just once a day, but during the winter we also like to slather them up with Everyday Lotion during every diaper change to keep skin smooth and prevent dryness before it happens.

3. Soak in bubbles to rehydrate skin

Our Bubble Bath is not only a whole lot of fun, but it is also packed with essential oils that hydrate your little ones' skin while they are playing in the tub. Win win! Using our moisturizing Bubble Bath will rehydrate dry skin after a day in the elements.

4. Seal moisture with soft, organic clothing

Whenever possible, after moisturizing your little one, cover skin with organic cotton to help seal in the moisture. Moisturizing after bath time, but before bed is perfect because you can follow up directly with organic cotton pajamas. Before placing your little one in bed at night, use our Everyday Lotion to moisturize dry cheeks or hands and wrap them up in a cotton or muslin blanket so their skin can soak up all that moisturizing goodness throughout the night.

5. Bring a Travel Size All Over Ointment with you

Did you know—our All Over Ointment is available in a travel size 3-pack! These little bitties are perfect for on-the-go-hydration! Throw one in your purse, diaper bag, car, stroller, or just tuck one in your pocket. Our All Over Ointment provides provides a barrier to lock in skin's natural moisture.
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