Inspired By: Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show

We are constantly inspired by the amazing mamas in our Tubby Todd community. In our Inspired by series we will be profiling some of these incredible women and giving you a little glimpse into their lives as they discuss family, careers, style and more!

Today we're inspired by Alison Faulkner, a mama, self-care advocate (and the sister of our co-founder Andrea Faulkner Williams)! We worked withAlison on our new limited edition collaboration, our Sweet Citrus scented Turn Your Troubles into Bubbles Hair & Body Wash! We chatted with Alison about everyday life, future goals, being an overall boss mama, and the biggest lesson she's learned from motherhood. Read our interview (and get inspired!) below.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What does an average day look like for you?

A: I’ve been waking up early (6 am is early for me), getting in a butt-kicking, booty-shaping workout, then I get home and try to not go back to bed and eat a cookie for breakfast—but it often happens. My husband and I then get kids ready, and I also try not to yell at 3 small humans TO FIND THEIR FREAKING SHOES, and then I take them off to school! After that I bounce into my office, interrupting everyone’s work with my latest philosophical question or complaining about how sore my butt is. Depending on the day we work on content for my Awesome on Demand coaching membership, a keynote, a course or workshop for Alison’s Brand School, sales copy, emails or ticket sales. We do lots of IG lives, record two podcasts and then we all try to get out of the office ASAP so we can see the fruits of our womb. I’ve got 3-full time hard working mamas with me and we kick a lot of butt!

Then I go home, play with kiddos, watch a lot of Harry Potter in bed, and occasionally try to be social. There’s a lot of lunch dates, phone call walks, and now a weekly singing lesson in there! But that’s my grind right now!

Q: You have a pretty incredible job in addition to your role as a mama, tell us a little bit about what you do!

A: The Alison Show is all about helping humans FEEL as awesome as they are! We do that through our top 100 Awesome with Alison podcast, my coaching program Awesome on Demand, and lots of fun free online content. We host events and I do a lot of keynote speaking all over the country! I also run Alison’s Brand School, which helps boss babes get confident and clear about their purpose and passion so they can do the work they feel called to do! I have online courses, in-person workshops, and another podcast where I coach entrepreneurs called Business Therapy. There’s A LOT of air humping in there and probably other things I can’t remember, but we’re having a good time helping people loves the crap out of themselves and their work.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from motherhood?

A: That I am not in control! Also that finding joy in my children is way more helpful and valuable than trying to mold them.

Q: We want to know all about your sweet little ones! What are some of your daily rituals together?

A: When I drop the kids off for school I ask them, “What are you going to be today?” I learned this from Joy Cho, thinking they’d say, “AWESOME!” or “Brave…” like her kids. But my kids say things like, “A pickle eating a banana!” Or “A human eating potatoes!” But I like to think it’s still helping them be intentional? Haha. We also snuggle in our bed a lot, and have a lot of family hot tub parties!

Q: We love hearing people talk about their dreams. What are some of yours? They can be simple and small, bucket list goals or experiences, or an overall grand hope for life.

A: I have so many concrete dreams, like speaking on a stage to 10,000 people from my Awesome Empire community, having a best-selling book, and some other business goals. But lately I’ve really been trying to learn how to love the process of going after these things, and not letting anxiety and stress, or the fact I’m “not there yet” steal joy from me. I think my biggest dream is to feel full of light and contentment as much as humanly possible. And have Lizzo on stage with me twerking. And have RuPaul love me.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: How do you make bath time fun with your little ones? Do you have a favorite Tubby Todd product?

A: We’ve been washing our littlest ones hair with shampoo with pink dye lately, and it’s just really fun. Her hair is light enough we don’t have to bleach it and it makes her so happy! Our favorite product is the All Over Ointment! My son licks his lips to the point they’re red and raw and we put it on every night on him! As well as on the dry patches of my other kids so they’ll stop itching them! We live in Utah! It’s dry up here in the mountains!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: We are so inspired by your advocacy for openness and honesty in the mama wellness and self-care space! If you could give every mama you know one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: Right now I feel like nicely yelling at every mama, “STOP BEING SO FREAKING HARD ON YOURSELF!” Life is tough enough. We don’t need to add suffering to it. You serve your family, you give to those in need, you work hard! So what if you’re not perfect at all of it!? YOU ARE SHOWING UP. Making the effort. What more do we need?! You’re what the world needs. You’re too good to make yourself feel so bad. Only you can be you, and you’re already as awesome as you need to be.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What was your inspiration behind the Turn Your Trouble into Bubbles collaboration?

A: Life gets heavy and tough sometimes, and then to top it all off we can all be so freaking hard on ourselves! That’s why it’s so important to remember to take a step back, breathe, reach for the next best thought, and whenever possible, slip into a tub and turn those troubles into bubbles! Hence my new yummy collab with Tubby Todd! I like to say things I’m grateful for as the bath fills up! Then you can just soak in all your glory, and as the bubbles start to fade let your troubles go too. At least for the moment!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Tubby Todd Mama Blog

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