How to Remove Halloween Face Paint

Is your kiddo rocking a face paint look for Halloween this year? Follow our easy steps below for using our Muslin Wash Cloth Set and Hair & Body Wash for removing said face paint so you can have your little one back to their squeaky clean self by bed time!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog


Rinse your Tubby Todd Washcloth under warm water. Add a squeeze of Hair & Body Wash and lather it up—one squeeze is all you need!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog


Have your little one close their eyes and use gentle, circular motions to massage wash onto that cute lil' face. Our Washcloths are oh-so-soft and the natural fibers provide gentle exfoliation leaving skin squeaky clean.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog


Once you've broken down all the face paint, give your washcloth a good rinse and go over the face again to wipe everything away.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog


Repeat scrubbing and rinsing if necessary until all face paint has been removed. Pat skin dry. Don't forget to add a layer of Everyday Lotion to moisturize skin after all that scrubbing!

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