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We are constantly inspired by the amazing mamas in our Tubby Todd community. In our Inspired by series we will be profiling some of these incredible women and giving you a little glimpse into their lives as they discuss family, careers, style and more!

Today we're inspired by Amanda Booth, a mama, model and activist! We chatted with Amanda about everyday life, future goals, being an advocate for her sweet son with downs syndrome, and what advice she would share with her past self. Read our interview (and get inspired!) below.

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Q: What does an average day look like for you?

A: Micah just started school, so I imagine it’ll start to look a bit different… But, for most of his life we had a few hours a day of therapy at least. In the hours of the day that I dont have to pop out for work, and he isn’t having to put in work he loves to be outside! I think how fortunate we are that we live in California, and he can be outside almost all year round! Water, and swings are his all time favorite :)

Q: You have a pretty incredible job in addition to your role as a mama, tell us a little bit about what you do!

A: I’ve been a model and actor for almost fifteen years. I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long until I think about it... I used to travel mostly for work, but I try to keep things local as much as possible now that I have Micah. In doing so, I have been able to have a lovely career shift as well, and I do more personal appearance and advocacy work. In doing that, I get to speak on panels, and write articles about our lives. The work feels more meaningful and gratifying, and I’m fortunate that I get to do both!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from motherhood?

A: The biggest lesson I have learned would have to be finding how to meet people where they are, and not where you want or think that they are. Removing of oneself and the ego from a situation and looking at it from a place of understanding I think really allows you to see the needs of others.

Q: We want to know all about your sweet little one! What are some of your daily rituals together?

A: Micah absolutely loves physical play, so I think I spend most of the day as a human jungle gym! I absolutely love this type of play as well (I grew up with five brothers), so it fills both of our cups for sure! We also both love the water, and as often as we can we will go swimming. Bed time used to be a bit tormenting, but I absolutely love to snuggle him as he falls asleep now. It’s likely the only time of day he slows down enough for a deep cuddle, so it’s a beautiful thing.

Q: We love hearing people talk about their dreams. What are some of yours? They can be simple and small, bucket list goals or experiences, or an overall grand hope for life.

A: I still have dreams of being a working actor, selfishly… I also dream that Micah will be able to talk one day. I literally dream of hearing his voice, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever craved for anything more in my life.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: How do you make bath time fun with your little one? Do you have a favorite Tubby Todd product?

A: Micah could live in a tub of water if we let him! Our favorite thing to do is to sing slippery fish with all of his rubber animal toys since he loves to get splashed with water as much as possible! Since bath time is so much fun for Micah, I appreciate the rituals we have afterward to wind him down. My favorite product is the lavender lotion, and I use it to massage his hands and feet before jammies. Micah falls asleep playing with his hands, so it’s one of his favorite products too.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What is something you’re most looking forward to in the coming year? In the next five years?

A: We just got a cabin in Pennsylvania, so it’ll be the first time Micah or my husband experiences a snowy Christmas. So I’m most looking forward to spending time on the east coast this winter! It’s been a long time since I’d back during that season (as I’m partial to sunshine) but spending more time with the family is always the best time. In the next five years… Im looking forward to Micah gaining more and more independence! The list of ways that that would be exciting is endless!

Q: We are so inspired by your advocacy for the down syndrome and autism communities! How can other mamas get involved?

A: I think the number one way to advocate for our kiddos is in the simple ways! Keep showing up to the parks, play dates, to the classrooms. Demand our kiddos be seen! If you’re wanting a bigger sense, it’s important to connect with your local community. Go to the buddy walks, meet other families whose lives look like yours. Remember that there are kiddos younger than your own, and parents beginning the journey where you’ve already been, and to them anything you do or have learned has value.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

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