5 Ways to Use Baby Fresh Spray

Tubby Todd Mama BlogA very common question we get on Instagram is, "What are some of the ways I can use my Baby Fresh Spray?" Even though the accurate answer is that you can use it on almost anything, here are some of the main ways we love feeling fresh at Tubby Todd with our Baby Fresh Spray:
  • After a diaper change, spray Baby Fresh directly on their bum so there is no lingering smell
  • Spray Baby Fresh on your little one's chin or clothing after a spit up or drool to get rid of that musty scent and replace it with a refreshing spritz
  • Baby Fresh is great for your babe's linens such as loveys or blankeys that might smell damp or old from overuse
  • This one's for you mamas—try using Baby Fresh after your workouts for a clean feeling (we like to keep our in our car for easy access)
  • Last but not least, use Baby Fresh to spray on your kiddos after the park, and get rid of that "outdoor play" smell so it doesn't follow you home
These are only a few of our favorites. The best part about Baby Fresh Spray is that is has so many uses. Be creative with it and carry it everywhere with you in case you find yourself in a smelly emergency — have no fear, Baby Fresh Spray is near. Tell us some of your favorite ways to use Baby Fresh, or a time when you've needed it most. Tubby Todd Mama Blog xx Team Tubby


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