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Yep, it's that time already—back to school shopping! It can be so much fun for kiddos to pick out their new accessories and backpacks and we love getting to experience that excitement with them. Once you have your list, check out some of our favorite brands and products below, and be sure to involve your little ones in the process so they can really let their style and individuality shine this school year (don't worry, we'll be ugly-crying at first day drop-off too). You've got this, Mama.

  1. State Bags - With lots of fun color combinations your kiddos will love packing all their new school supplies into one of these State Bags backpacks.
  2. Planet Box - We love the idea of a reusable, eco-friendly lunch box option! Your little ones can choose stickers to customize the outside to make this super functional lunch accessory extra special.
  3. Back to School Kit - We launched our Back to School Kit as a way for your to take the comforts of home along with them on their first day of school. Tuck it in their backpack to keep in their locker!
  4. Yoobi - You'll have a blast with your kiddos picking out extra fun school supplies and accessories from Yoobi.
  5. Native Shoes - With the start of the school year it's time to transition from flip flops to some sturdy, close-toed shoes
  6. Maisonette - Of course with back to school shopping comes new clothes! Grab your little guy or girl some cozy outerwear like this corduroy option from Maisonette.
  7. Bath Bombs - After a long school day help your kiddo relax and unwind with a little bathtime treat! Purchase our Bath Bombs in a bundle or sign up for our subscription surface so you'll never run out.

Check out our tips for establishing a back to school routine for you and your little ones HERE!

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