Do you wear makeup?

By Koseli Cummings

Have you read this post on Manrepller that's going around about why Leandra doesn't wear makeup? The article is a little shocking (re: the ugly side of the internet) but eye opening. I loved this quote:

More important than that though, I am comfortable with how I look. I don’t hate what I see when I look in the mirror. Even if legions of others don’t agree. I have accepted the reflection that reliably bounces back at me for its perks and its flaws. I understand that there are thick, dark circles under my eyes. I have grown to appreciate them. I have noticed that my nose grows a little hookier on a near-monthly basis. That’s fine. I know there are wrinkles ready to stake their claim as full time residents on my forehead any moment now. My dad has those, too, and I find that endearing.

I love wearing makeup. I've worn it since middle school (I can't remember when I started) and have always enjoyed picking new colors, experimenting with angles and highlighting (although contouring still eludes me), and the actual act of applying makeup. It's relaxing and fun and makes me feel pretty and strong when I wear it. That doesn't mean I wear it every day though. And ever since moving to the Bay Area, I've found myself going days and days without wearing makeup--something I would NEVER have done before now. I don't know if it's being the mom of three kids, or living in a more "natural" city where quite a few women don't wear makeup or dye their hair or being in my early 30s but I'm fine with going without makeup. 

Do you wear makeup every day? Did you used to and don't anymore or vice versa? What does "wearing makeup" mean to you (if anything)?

P.S. As a side note, I LOVE that the article I linked to above was titled "Why I Don't Wear Makeup" not "Why Women Should Not Wear Makeup". To each their own, you do you, etc.

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