Expert Mama: Good for the Swole Shares an Upper Body Burner Workout

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Photo courtesy of Good for the Swole

Hi mamas! It’s Becky from over at @goodfortheswole again, and I have an amazing upper body burner for us to do together today!

I am a week away from having my baby, but don’t let this low impact workout deceive you - it was still challenging and got my upper body fired up!

This workout is suitable for pregnancy, once you’ve been cleared to exercise postpartum, and for those with diastasis recti! As always, it’s so important to listen to YOUR body, and to pay attention to the feedback it’s giving you.
Be sure to stop if you feel any pelvic pressure or pain, experience any incontinence during the exercise, or see any coning/doming/bulging in your stomach while performing these moves. If you notice any of the above, please stop and re-engage your deep core, and try again. If you still notice it, it’s best to avoid that exercise for now.

Here’s the workout. Let me know if you try it out!


Repeat each exercise 12x during the first round. Rest, then repeat each exercise 10x for the second round. Rest, and repeat each exercise 8x for the final round. You've got this, Mama!!

1️⃣ squat + outward hold
2️⃣ step back + tricep kickback
3️⃣ low squat hold + curls
4️⃣ eccentric lateral raises
5️⃣ glute bridge leg lifts + skull-crusher
Video courtesy of Good for the Swole
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