Meet Tubby Todd Mama Marlys Endo

We love to see how families use Tubby Todd in their everyday lives. Follow along with our series, A Day with the Basics to meet some real life Tubby Todd mamas! Today, we are chatting with Marlys Endo, mama to three sweet little ones and longtime supporter of Tubby Todd! Read on to find out about their super sweet afterbath ritual and which Tubby Todd products are their fave, but mostly read on to see the snap Marlys sent of her little guy's adorable, pruny hands after hopping out of the bath! Seriously, we're dying over these wrinkly li'l hands.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Photos courtesy of Marlys Endo

Q: What does an average day look like for your family?

A: We’re homeschooling this year so our mornings are typically busy with breakfast, cleanup, workbooks and memorization. After the baby has her afternoon nap we try to get outside for a walk in the woods or do a craft inside if the weather is rainy. Dinner together if daddy is home from work and then baths and books and playtime before bed.

Q: How do you make bathtime/skincare fun for your babes? Do they have a favorite routine or ritual?

A: My babies have always loved bath time. We sing songs as we rub lotion in afterwards!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: We just launched our new winter Tubby Snowfall collection! What is your favorite thing about the fall and winter season?

A: The crisp air, the feeling of coziness after you wake up in a warm bed with at least one baby beside you. Apple cider and warm sweaters!

Q: Do you or your little ones have a favorite Tubby Todd product?

A: Love, love, love the Hair & Body Wash. But I just started using Dream Cream and it’s fast becoming a favorite too!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from motherhood?

A: It’s ok not to do it all and to ask for help.

Q: What is something you’re most looking forward to in the coming year? In the next five years?

A: Watching our baby girl learn to walk! Buying a house, watching my children grow and keeping my husband and my relationship a priority.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Follow along with Marlys and her family on Instagram @mama_endo.

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