There's no place like home- Weekly Family Nights

To keep the nights fresh and fun while raising little ones, we choose one night a week to hang out together and have fun. My family does something called “Family Home Evening.” It’s a Mormon family tradition that started in the ‘70s. Every Monday night (or whatever night works best), we gather together and make it all about our family. We sing a children’s hymn together, say a prayer (it’s a great way to teach your kids to pray out loud), read a few scripture verses, and have a very short lesson on a theme like “sharing” or “gratitude.”

I love the feeling that fills our home as we spend this time together. Our kids are really little, so we never really know how it’s going to go, but even if everything falls apart, I’m still proud of us for trying! We usually play Candy Land and eat some ice cream too. (Gotta have a treat!)

A great thing to do is write down some activities you love to do, or have been wanting to do for a while and circle some that you would like to do together as a family. Here are a few examples of great family activities:

  • Write a Family Motto or Manifesto
  • Family recipe book
  • Cheese soiree on Christmas Eve
  • Drive-in movie at the end of summer
  • Eat tacos on the beach at sunset
  • Make mom breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day
  • Make family movies every year
  • Friday Date Night
  • Sing at the top of your lungs together on road trips
  • Make Dad breakfast in bed on Father’s Day
  • Give a hug and a kiss when greeting each other (Let your kids see!)
  • Say “I love you” when saying goodbye or when hanging up the phone
  • Family prayer before you leave the house in the morning
  • Regular Family Counsel: anybody can ask a question or make a suggestion

You have the power to create the home you want for your children, so be creative! 


This is an excerpt from our upcoming book You've Got This, Mama. Take a look at few other activities that will be in the book like: 6 Tips for Postpartum Healing or Getting Sexy Back.

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