Getting Sexy Back, Meow!

Not to get all "Justin Timberlake" on you, but really, let's bring sexy back! There are so many ways to get your sexy back with your partner. Let's stick to basics and talk about small things that will make a BIG difference.

Start with removing all of the phones, laptops, ipads, etc. from bedroom. Turn off your phone (yes completely off) and meet in bed at 9. Try playing a strategic board game, or talking about non-baby stuff and talking more about dreams, vacations, and lofty plans, and less about logistics and to-dos. Also, take a walk down memory lane and look at old pictures together. Laugh together. Make each other smile.

Once you've covered the basics, try some of these more specific scenarios.

  1. Every night for a week, turn your phone off, get a plate of nachos, and watch a show together in bed.
  2. What’s something you used to love doing with your partner before you had kids that you haven’t done in awhile. Do that. (i.e.: go to a concert, play tennis, watch an entire movie without falling asleep….)
  3. Do something thoughtful every day for a week. Write a note, bring your partner breakfast in bed, book one night in a hotel, surprise him with his favorite candy bar.
  4. Slip on the old wedding lingerie and wait for your partner in bed.
  5. Do something that makes you feel sexy, like go for a run, put on lipstick, brush your teeth, or wear high heels. Don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Some of these might not be your cup of tea, but play around with them, improvise and substitute. Remember to ask yourself these questions: What do you enjoy doing physically, I mean actually enjoy? There are a lot of things you should enjoy, or you pretend to enjoy, but what moves your body and makes you feel good?

Last thing, and maybe most important. Every morning when you wake up remind yourself that your body is a gift. Our bodies and spirits are intimately connected. The more we respect our bodies, the better we can care for others.

You got this one, Mama!


This is an excerpt from our upcoming book You've Got This, Mama. Take a look at few other activities that will be in the book like: 6 Tips for Postpartum Healing or How to Make Mom Friends. 

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