Ingredient Spotlight: Mentha Peperita & Mentha Viridis Oil (Menthol)

We have begun an initiative to inform and educate our customers about the ingredients used in our products. We use all natural ingredients that are safe for your children, from the tiniest of newborns to ninety nines.

Mentha Piperita Oil & Mentha Viridis Leaf Oil

Pronounced: "Men-th-all"

What it is

Men thol is an organic compound made from mint oils. We use both Mentha Piperita, from Peppermint Oil, and Mentha Viridis, from Spearmint Leaf Oil.

What it does

Menthol serves a variety of homeopathic functions. It acts as an antipyretic, or anti-itch compound. It is a waxy substance used to condition skin and treat sunburns, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites and stings, and rashes. Menthol also acts as a mild analgesic, or painkiller. Upon cntactact with the skin, it produces a cooling sensation that takes away the "burning" often symptomatic of irritated skin.          

Where we use it

We use the essential oils from peppermint and spearmint to fragrance our Dream Cream, but menthol's other homeopathic properties just make this ingredient that much cooler. (Do you see what I did there?)


**We only use essential oils to scent our products, never artificial frangrances**

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