3 Tips for Throwing a Surprise Baby Shower

Have you ever thrown a  surprise baby shower? Surprising a pregnant woman can be cruel if not done correctly. (Emotions, expectations, hormones, yikes!) We recently threw a surprise baby shower for one of our team members, Lauren, who is expecting her third little one in the next few months. For us, the baby shower was such a fun way to treat and honor someone who means so much to us and making it a surprise made it a little extra special. Here are a few tips for throwing your own surprise shower for an expecting lady you love:


1. Give a heads up that they need to look special

Give your special lady a reason to look good when she arrives. We like the idea of "family or team pictures" because it doesn't give your guest of honor any reason to be suspicious but it also ensures they won't show up in their pjs. 

two women standing at a baby shower

(Doesn't Lauren look so beautiful! She was glowing!)

2. Greet your guest in the parking lot to help them with the surprise

To give everyone a heads up that your guest of honor is arriving, send one of your party guests outside to help your guest in. Have them hold their bag and walk them in for the big moment! This was such a simple gesture but for us, it made "the surprise" go so smoothly!

3. Keep it simple

Being pregnant is hard, right? Keeping the party simple with cake, a drink and then a little love for the lady will make the party special and not too exhausting for those throwing it or those attending. 

What do you think? Would you throw a surprise baby shower? Here is the video of when Lauren arrived if you would like to see it!

xx Andrea 

PS. We want to thank @butterandcrumbs_ for making the beautiful cake!  It was delicious!

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