Tips for Road-Tripping With Kids

By Mindi Bullick

Taking a little one on a road trip can be an adventure in itself. Here are a few great ideas from our Tubby Todd Mamas Facebook Group for keeping your most precious cargo content and occupied till you reach your destination.

  • Make a fun timeline and hang it from the ceiling. Move a paper clip along as you go so kids can see how far into the journey you are.

  • If you’re going to see family or friends, print some pictures of the people you will see. Put them in a little photo album or punch a hole and attach them with a ring. When you arrive your little one will already be familiar with new names and faces.

  • Play games! Introduce your babe to old-school games like I Spy and 20 Questions. ABC games are great for helping your little one recognize letters on signs and license plates. You can also print free bingo cards especially for road trips. Don’t forget to bring a small prize for all participants!

  • Yummy snacks can go a long way in the car. Small toys to reward good behavior are also a hit. Make sure to bring a trash bag for wrappers.

  • Use electronics to your advantage. You may not want your little one watching 16 hours of movies in one day, but a well-timed movie or game can give her and you a much-needed break. Bring headphones so you can listen to a podcast or book on tape at the same time.

  • Be flexible and try to keep your expectations for good behavior in check. If you sense that your mini-me is getting restless, stop and let him run around. Remember, you’re making memories. A good road trip is about the destination and the journey.

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