The Regulars Bundle: 3-step Solution to Sensitive Skin

The Regulars Bundle

If your fam struggles with sensitives skin, consistency is key! Instead of treating dryness or eczema-prone spots as they come up we recommend a simple skincare routine to keep your little one hydrated and happy. The Regulars Bundle has everything you'll need—three simple products, three easy steps, one sensitive skin solution! All of our products are gentle enough for newborns but impressive enough for moms with clean ingredients to get the job done. Check out our 3-step process below, when you shop all three products bundled together as The Regulars you'll save 10%. Get your bundle on, Mama!

Hydrate and condition skin with Hair + Body Wash

Step 1. Clean and condition during bathtime with Hair + Body Wash Hydration starts in the bath! Our HBW formula contains gentle ingredients like lavender, chamomile, echinacea and camellia to clean and condition skin without stripping moisture. Our wash really lathers like it matters with rich suds that your little one will love. Bonus: it smells so yummy AND doubles as a shampoo to clean babe from top to toe in one simple step.

Add a base layer of moisture with Everyday Lotion

Step 2. Base layer of moisture with Everyday Lotion Our favorite time to moisturize is when kiddos are fresh out of the tub and skin is squeaky clean and still a little bit damp (that being said, you can moisturize whenever it fits best in your routine—that's the beauty of this simple system!). Gently massage EDL into skin to soften with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, safflower seed oil, avocado oil and cocoa seed butter.

Spot treat dry areas with All Over Ointment

Step 3. Spot-treat extra dry areas with All Over Ointment Eczema Treatment Dry skin doesn't stand a chance against AOO! Seal in all the hydration you've added with steps one and two by smoothing on a top layer of ointment anywhere skin is a little extra dry or irritated. Formulated with 1% Colloidal Oatmeal to help soothe skin and relieve redness, rash and eczema, this balm for everything also includes hydrating ingredients like jojoba, beeswax, camellia and honeysuckle extract to build skin's moisture barrier while sealing out irritants. (Pro tip: AOO isn't just for babes, use it for cuticles, after shaving, on elbows or knees—all over!).


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